Marina Blight has been a full-time artist since 2004. Her artistic foundation was laid studying towards a teaching diploma during the mid-eighties with art as a major subject. Over the years she started developing her own ‘signature’. Although mostly self-taught she attended various courses and workshops. The art curator of The FirstRand Group ‘found’ her during 2006 and became her mentor. Her first breakthrough came in the same year when he procured a painting called ‘Man without a dog’ for the FirstRand corporate collection.

Since then some 30 paintings now form part of corporate collections. In addition, private collectors and international patrons of the art have acquired her work. She has exhibited in more than 20 solo and group exhibitions and was a finalist of the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Competition exhibition during 2011. Marina regularly conducts workshops and demonstrations to fellow artists on various techniques. Her work, oil on canvas and mixed media, speak mostly of her inner feelings and how she sees the world supporting her motto that “Art is our perceptions of reality”.

“My world is no different to anybody else’s. Together we all form part of the biggest and most impressive balancing act of the universe, which is life on earth… With each brush stroke, with each speckle of paint my art reflects the tranquillity and balance I have found in the greatness of life…the art of living!”

– Marina Blight

“Marina is passionate about her artwork and the meaning it has for her. Each painting she creates is, in fact, a view through a small window in her mind – the view we see is wonderful, and is at the same time, a memory of a moment in her life which she has chosen to share with the viewer. Lately, these views show expansive landscapes and emotive scenes of the ocean in all moods. The paintings are so capably executed and meticulously devised, that they leave the viewer with a feeling of utter contentment and peace. With the modern lifestyle and stress, we are all subjected to, Marina’s paintings engender a feeling of solace and tranquillity… an escape!

Steve Bales FirstRand Group Art Consultant (Decd)

Marina’s Inspiration

Marina travels to ‘out of the ordinary’ places in South Africa. It is those places we read about and dream to visit. It is here that majestic landscapes, expansive seascape or simply something special touches her heart. Each of her paintings portrays the reality of the scene as a medium to reveal something of her inner soul, her passion for simplicity, the harmony that she seeks and her own life experiences.

“I have found the greatness of life in art.”

– Marina Blight

Workshops & Art Classes

I help you to unleash your creativity, enabling you to unlock the images that life has crafted in your heart!

“Like her work, Marina is an amazing study in contrasts. The spiritual and artistic are balanced by a deep seam of refreshingly straight forward Afrikaans practicality. I do not have the language of art to draw on, but it seems to me that Marina’s early instincts were to simply paint what she saw – with developing skills and obvious passion – but with little artifice and a very ‘practical’ vision of the world. But in the last few years a new artist has emerged; an artist with an increasing sense of confidence.

Marina has I suspect found her artistic voice. A unique and enthralling sense of style has been added to her obvious skill and technique and the resultant works are engaging, challenging and increasingly compelling. 
As a film maker I am obviously drawn to the ‘wide-screen’ works, to the darker tones and richer textures; but with each and every new work I see a more and more self assured artist with a richer, clearer, more confident voice and a singular vision.”

Paul Rowlston
Independent Film Director (UK)


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